Western policies have caused biggest harms to women’s dignity

Falsely characterizing women by forcing them into flaunting themselves to men
Jan 16, 1990
In the previous regime, a great number of women were illiterate and ignorant of social affairs—that is, they would not be allowed to obtain information. Women had grown indifferent toward the fate of the country, as they didn’t even know that women could play a role in the future of the country. Nevertheless, they looked like European women in their appearances and some had even surpassed European standards [in dressing revealingly]. When you saw them you would think they had just entered Iran from a European country and a Western environment. However, if you started to speak with them, you could readily notice they were not very educated if literate at all. They forced women to create a false identity for themselves by attracting eyes toward themselves and flaunting. This was a deviation for a woman; not an advancement. Is there a bigger crime against a woman, than to make her preoccupied with makeup, fashion, clothes, gold and other accessories and take advantage of her as a means for achieving various goals, not letting her enter arenas of politics, ethics, and education?

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